Link Aero

Link Aero Trading Agency was established in 1992 to provide airlines with Ground Handling services and Civil Aviation permissions. Since then, Link Aero Trading Agency has handled close to 20 million passengers, over 150 thousand flights and more than 140 clients including scheduled, charter, government, military, private and cargo operators.

Over the years we have steadily grown and become leaders in the provision of global Flight & Ground Support services and have strategically expanded our permanent presence in Egypt, UAE, Jordan & Morocco in order to optimize our African & Middle East partnerships and obtain a closer control over the more challenging destinations. Through this essential expansion, we can offer 100% reliability in our comprehensive Ground & Flight Support services through our 24/7 operations team.

Link Aero Trading Agency is registered as an ISAGO provider following the successful completion of Corporate and Stations audit. Furthermore, we have won the Ramp Safety Award twice for Middle East & Africa Region.

Our vision

Link Aero Trading Agency was created in 1992 with a vision to provide Ground Handling services with supreme quality combining performance with value pricing, while establishing successful relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Link Aero Trading Agency’s powerful business insight is focused on its strong commitment to influence the dynamic aviation market through innovative business processes conforming to industry standards.

Throughout years of growth, extensive work experience and understanding of local and global factors affecting the aviation industry, Link Aero Trading Agency has led vast and rapid developments within its business plan and mission.

Our Mission

To take a market lead by globally developing and increasing the level of services based on the needs of customers and market demand, helping maintain a strong long term market position.

To constantly strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations of pricing, offering ready and special tailor-made quotations with the most competitive price structure.

To expand our network of communication with Civil Aviation Authorities & airports worldwide to assist in providing airlines with a wide range of services in these regions and more.

To establish a strong existence in as many airports as possible by opening permanent branches and building trust based relationships with handling agents to fulfill customer needs globally.

To guarantee limited hazard, promoting both safety-first culture and security awareness where it is fundamental for the company’s operations.

To ensure and practice excellent and efficient management of time and resources to achieve constant on-time performance.

To continuously develop potential by providing our team with the knowledge, skills, training and experience required for their professional growth within the company.

To constantly provide in-house training, external courses and e-learning sessions for our personnel to maintain competence and to continue to satisfy any mandatory technical requirements or operationally critical functions.

Safety and quality are the core of our business and our priority mission is to work with utmost devotion to satisfy our clients and partners.