Cargo Services

Link Cargo GSA services cover all aspects of cargo capacity management for our airlines partners enabling them to maximize their cargo space and sales revenue, while reducing their costs. Our GSA Cargo services are managed by professionals experienced in industry to develop International airfreight strategies that better promote the cargo capabilities of foreign airlines.

Operations & Management

Services included but not limited to:

  • Booking cargo space.
  • Negotiable freight charges.
  • Providing cargo handling.
  • Overseeing weight and measurement checks.
  • ULD & pallet loading and ensuring maximum utilization.
  • Documentation, warehousing and distribution.
  • Liaising between Airlines partners, cargo handling companies and customs.

GSSA Services

Services included but not limited to:

  • Selling and promoting Air Cargo Business for the airline.
  • Conducting Market research and route analysis.
  • Wide Public Relations Network with profound market knowledge worldwide.
  • Instant marketing and administrative information available at a short notice.
  • Default/Costumed business solutions through our extensive database and contacts.

Financial & Accounting

Services included but not limited to:

  • Provide Bank Guarantees on behalf of the airline.
  • Billing and collection services.
  • On-time payment & bank transfer.
  • Provision of cost accounting.
  • Refund processing.
  • Tax consultation.
  • Revenue accounting and collection.
  • Provide AWB stock management control.
  • Preparation and provision of required sales and accounting reports.