Flight safety assurance on ground has always been essential to the Link Security Services division. In this respect, Link Aero Trading Agency has dedicated great effort in obtaining a strong Security team through intensive specialized training from the Ministry of Interior and major scheduled airline clients. Our Security license by the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority allows us to carry out these services even in restricted airport areas.

Our mission is to provide the most effective, professional, and responsible security services in the industry to ensure the protection and safeguard of passengers, staff and aircrafts.

Aviation Security

Our Security Services areas are:

  • Passenger profiling and travel document check.
  • Screening supervision and control.
  • Random check of hand Baggage.
  • Baggage guarding and escorting to Aircraft.
  • Catering check and guarding to Aircraft.
  • Cargo guarding and escorting to Aircraft.
  • Cargo guarding freighter warehouse.
  • Safeguarding all Loads during offloading and Loading of Aircraft.
  • Security Access Control and Monitoring to Aircraft.
  • Baggage sealing at check-in Area, and monitoring at sorting area.
  • Arranging for K9 Unit Sniffing Dogs for Baggage and Cargo in Sorting and Makeup Areas.