What services can Link Agency provide?

Link Agency provides Full Ground Handling and airport services arrangements, traffic rights permission, supervision, station and revenue management, fueling and catering provision security services and ticketing services. This is in addition to VIP assistance, crew administration, filling flight plan, flight operations and dispatch.

Link Aero Trading Agency has in the past years dedicated great effort in obtaining a strong Security team through intensive specialized training from the Ministry of Interior and major scheduled airline clients. Our Security license by the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority allows us to carry out these services even in restricted airport areas.

  • Passenger profiling and travel document check
  • Screening supervision and control
  • Baggage sealing at check-in Area, and monitoring at sorting area
  • Random check of hand Baggage
  • Baggage guarding and escorting to Aircraft
  • Catering check and guarding to Aircraft
  • Cargo guarding and escorting to Aircraft
  • Cargo guarding freighter warehouse
  • Safeguarding all Loads during offloading and Loading of Aircraft
  • Security Access Control and Monitoring to Aircraft
  • Arranging for K9 Unit Sniffing Dogs for Baggage and Cargo in Sorting and Makeup Areas

Link Agency is always looking for ways within the company to be innovative and increase the level of services rendered to client carriers in addition to increasing revenue for airlines. Accordingly, we created a dedicated team to be responsible for ticketing sales and to meet last minute changes through our offices. Such is to give support to scheduled airlines operating to different airports. We also provide excess baggage collection where we have been awarded on many occasions the best Station worldwide in excess baggage revenues.

Link Aero Trading is licensed from IATA as ISAGO provider. This is a high level of international accomplishment which certainly ensures the efficiency of the ground operations services provided by the company and gives more credibility to the company for our clients and target clients.

Link Agency’s ongoing development of innovative systems allows us to provide customers with the best purchasing value and pricing. LATA is offering reduced prices for fuel uplift at all Egyptian airports coupled with providing technical and operational assistance to safely service all Aircrafts. Moreover, we provide the convenience of the most widely accepted credit/purchase fuel cards, i.e. AVCARD and multi service card.

As for catering, Link Agency has got reduced prices for high quality catering with an exclusive contract to operate catering unit inside the A/P, ramp area. Our catering upload is done under tightened security measures.

VIP and private jets handling occupies a considerable part of our business. Our general aviation team is dedicated to the smooth and efficient handling of all non-scheduled, business and private aircrafts, VIP passengers and government operations.

  • Ground Handling
  • Fuel
  • Civil overflight and landing permissions
  • Diplomatic and military overflight and landing permissions
  • Airport slots and military PPR
  • Flight planning and ATC plan filing
  • Preflight briefing (complete flight documentation)
  • Comprehensive Weather and NOTAM briefings
  • Flight Monitoring and dispatch and continued liaison with all agencies enroute
  • Dealing with Operational Irregularities
  • Immigration and Customs requirements
  • Catering
  • Hotel accommodation for passengers and crew
  • Ground transport from limos to self-drive to passenger coaches
  • After flight briefing
  • Check-in and boarding of passengers
  • Preparation of paperwork for load control
  • Load and unload baggage, cargo (bulk loading)
  • Liaise with Customs and other authorities as required
  • Toilet and water servicing
  • Aircraft pushback and towing
  • Fueling, catering and aircraft cleaning

We will escort passengers, crew & luggage through immigration & customs to ensure the most time efficient process through airports’ security formalities. Whether it is an individual or a group of VIPs, Link guarantees a swift process handled by a well experienced team on site.

After customs is cleared, passengers/crew will be escorted to pre-arranged ground transportation.

We require full flight details to make sure all services are arranged in timely manner including date of operation, operator name, purpose of flight, call sign, full route, time of arrival and departure, A/C type, registration, information about passengers (in case of private flight) and services required.

We will work with Airport Authorities and Civil Aviation to obtain approval so that we can operate at the requested airport, as the permit must be obtained before airport slots can be requested. Link will work to coordinate requests for ground transportation, fueling, catering and other services required

The main difference is regarding passenger handling as Scheduled Commercial airlines have the right to sell tickets at airports which is an added service that Link could provide.

Our 24/7 in-flight integral catering service includes lift truck, ware washing, linen laundry service, personalized tray setups and any ad-hoc requirements. We provide menus to cover standard, VIP and any other special requests. We can create personalized menus including vegetarian, gluten free, halal, etc. and modify existing ones to accommodate individual preferences.

We accept wire transfer, credit cards and cash. We can also offer credit depending on customers. Terms of payment shall be agreed upon adhoc.